Simply Devyne Specializes in Sisterlocks, Interlocks, Weaves and Natural Hair Care.                        We offers many beautifying hair services including:

All Services below start at $80 we charge by the hour. 

  • Full Head Weave 
  • Crochet/Latchhook 
  • Cornrow & Weave Combo 
  • Cornrows with extensions 
  • Single Braids without Extensions
  • Twist without Extensions
  • Twist Out

Retightening - We charge by the hour please contact us for further info.

Our price for Sisterlocks installation are as follows:
$500 for up to 4 inches of hair
$600 for up to 5 inches of hair
$700 for up to 6 inches of hair
$800 for up to 7 inches of hair
$900 for up to 8 inches of hair

$50 additional if the hair is very dense (thick) 

We do not install micro Sisterlocks
We do not install Sisterlocks in hair over 8 inches

Traditional Lock Maintenance:
  • Palm Roll - $80 and up
  • Interlock - $80 and up

Lock Installation:
  • Interlocking - $500 and up
  • Braids - $300 and up
  • 2-Strand Twist - $300 and up

                                                    Simply Devyne Haircare is dedicated to:

                                      Peace, Harmony,Well-Being and the celebration of Beauty. 
  Our vision as professionals is to serve our clients with creativity, energy, unique touch and confidence.